As a choreographer Lewis is interested in creating sensitive and powerful dance. He enjoys working with dancers and other collaborators to build a shared vision. Lewis aims to use dance as a visual and intrinsically human form of communication and sharing. Striving to express the poetry of body, it's beauty, sensitivity and power whilst honouring the ever intriguing relationship between audience and viewer.


Photo Credit : Andy Ross

Passing Flight

What do you take with you from this life into the afterlife, the other world? Which pieces of your story are important to carry and what do you decide to leave behind?
'Passing Flight' was performed by Lucy Ireland and Katie Miller and created through Scottish Ballet's Anserinae Project, mentored by Kerry Nicholls. With thanks for their support and guidance. 

Photo Credit : Owen Normand


Inspired by Scottish weather and landscape, 'Pluvia' uses the natural world as its inspiration for dynamic dancing. Opposing textures of Mist, Rain and Storm drives dancing alongside a specially commissioned score by award winning Scottish composer Fraya Thomsen.

Photo Credit : Rebecca Haughton


A short solo work, created for and performed by Kate Haughton to Music by Nils Frahm. 
'Drift' was inspired by memory and nostalgia. A tension between now and then. A dancer flows and flits through movement sequences, indulging in pleasant memories.
Comissioned and presented at Cottier's Dance Festival, Watch this Space.

Photo Credit: Viktoria Begg

Celestial Call

Commissioned for Lothian Youth Dance Company, in collaboration with award winning Scottish composer, Fraya Thomsen, 'Celestial Call' is inspired by our human intrigue with Space and the Universe. Human bodies contain some of the same elements of burning stars, so it’s no wonder that our eyes wander skyward. The piece 'Celestial Call' draws on the qualities, colours and scale of Space and our response to these wonders.
"We are a way for the universe to know itself. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return. And we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We're made of star stuff,” Carl Sagan

Photo Credit: Rachel Cherry


This commissioned work was created with Scottish Ballet Elders Company by Choreographer Lewis Normand. Drawing on the themes of Faith and what we invest Faith in; be it community, ritual or performance. Inspired by the Company's bond, it is set to music by Avro Part and David Lang.